Tool Maker / Engineer

Jay’s completed multiple apprenticeships as a toolmaker, and has continued working in the field for an additional 6 years and counting. However, he’s been working as an Engineer for the past decade, bringing his experience up to over 20 years in the industry. Jay is very proud to work with/lead an amazing team of dedicated and skilled workers who continue to exceed industry standards. He enjoys the challenge of customising projects to meet client expectations, and he doesn’t believe in taking short cuts! His core skills lie in engineering and design, as well as the customer service side of operations. He’s incredibly passionate about the success of Stress Free and highly values the happy, healthy work culture.


Boilermaker / Engineer

Dean has accumulated over 40 years of experience in the industry; having worked as an Engineer at two well established technology solutions companies: Chicago Bridge & Iron, and Hills Industries. He enjoys the challenge of creating new products, the programming of machinery, and the design elements like working in 3D and watching the evolution of products during each phase of development. Dean takes a lot of pride in the results that Stress Free have achieved for their clients, and enjoys being part of a fantastic team who put customer service at the forefront of their work. He’s continually looking forward in seek of new ways the business can improve to maintain their position as the industry’s best.


Welder / Fabricator

Michael has an extensive history in the field of fabrication and welding, with 25 years of experience to his name. He has qualifications in coded welding, and is capable of extending his expertise across sheet metal, boiler making, and everything in between. Evident in the name, Michael appreciates the relaxed and stress free nature of the job. He believes that success comes down to efficiency, structural integrity, and coming up with impressive finishes with welds that pop. Michael prides himself on his ability to produce work in minimal time, without compromising on quality and detail.


Trade Assistant

Tim has over 15 years of experience as machine setter and operator; making his skill-set invaluable to the Stress Free team. He enjoys the friendly family environment, and works harmoniously with colleagues to achieve a flawless result, every time. Tim also enjoys the hands-on aspect of the job, and while he’s a man of few words, his attitude towards work and contribution to the company culture is highly appreciated by the team.



Magda has over 15 years of administration experience, with a Diploma in Business Management. She enjoys the odd quirky tasks that pop up on the job, and the friendly easy-going culture of the work place.  When it comes to getting work done, Magda’s strengths lie in her attention to detail and determination to fulfil the customers’ needs. She’s a real team player and not afraid to get stuck into the rough work when she needs to! Most importantly, Magda loves to have a laugh and boasts an easy-going character that makes her a great asset to the team.



Armed with a degree in Business Management, Shauna has over 30 years of experience managing large staffing establishments in an admin role. The part she enjoys most about the job is watching the progress of the customer’s vision, while working alongside a fantastic group of people. She’s a strong believer in over-delivering when it comes to quality, and executes attention to detail with every job. Shauna prides herself on her ability to multi-task, and her team-player attitude. Overall, Shauna’s high spirits and positive energy widely contribute to the fantastic work environment at Stress Free.

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